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2014 Fur Takers of America & Pennsylvania Trappers Association
Joint Convention

June 19-21, 2014
Hosted by PTA District 3

Convention Contact: David Eckels, phone 724-348-6721
e-mail dleckels@verizon.net

Demo Schedule


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Washington County Fairgrounds.
2151 North Main Street
Washington, PA 15301

Host Hotel: Doubletree by Hilton
340 Race Track Rd.
Washington, PA 15301
Rate - $129
When booking, use group code PTZ to get this price.

Comfort Inn
Race Track Rd. Exit 41 on I-79
237 Meadowlands Blvd.
Washington, PA 15301
Rate - $135

Courtyard by Mariott
1800 Tanger Blvd.
Washington, PA 15301
Rate - $129 (must state you're with the trappers for this rate)

Country Inn & Suites
Exit 15 on I-70
245 Meadowlands Blvd.
Washington, PA 15301
Rate - $141

1170 W. Chestnut St.
Washington, PA 15301
Rate - $95 (must state you're with FTA or PTA for this rate)

Days Inn
1370 W. Chestnut St.
Washington, PA 15301
Rate - $90

America's Best Value Inn
1385 W. Chestnut St.
Washington, PA 15301
Rate - $74

Comfort Inn & Suites
2110 N. Franklin Dr.
Washington, PA 15301
Rate - $115

Red Roof Inn
1399 W. Chestnut St.
Washington, PA 15301
Rate - $80

Primitive Camping & RV Hookups available on the fairgrounds.

Washington is located in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania and is easily accessed from Interstates 70 or 79. The fairgrounds are located close to the intersection of the two highways and can be accessed easiest from exits 40 or 41 of I-79. For anyone looking to fly into the area, the Greater Pittsburgh Airport would be the closest major airport and is approximately a forty-five minute ride from Washington.


Planned Events
Travel Tips
American Coon Cap
Assure Set
Bird Dog Forge
Blue Ridge Outdoors
Broad Mountain Lures
Chubb’s Trapping Supply
Al Crilley
Coon Cannon
Coon Creek Trappers Supply
Dakota Line Snares
Sharon Davis
Dennis Doaty Leather
Paul Dobbins
Duke Traps
Dunlap Lures
Durow Enterprises
East Texas Wildlife Damage
Epler Fur Company
F & T Trading Post
Febinger Archery & Trapping Supply
Larry Finch
Florin’s Trapping Supply
Darin Freeborough
Fur Harvesters Auctions
Fur Taker Lures
Jacks Mountain Basswood Stretchers
Joe Goodman
Joe Mast
Herron Skinner
Hoosier Trapper Supply
J & J Lures
Jameson’s Ultrablend
Mark June
Juniata Valley Trappers Supply
Kaatz Bros. Lure
Bill Kasten Trapping Supplies
Kingfish Survival Gear
Laurel’s Leathercrafting
Clint Locklear
Luther Valley Lures
Mace’s Fur & Trapping Supply
Mel’s Creative Wood Crafts
Minnesota Trapline Products
Murray’s Lures
Night Owl Lures
No BS Lures
Northern Sport Co.
Oneida Victor
PDK Snares
Peterson Furs
Don Powell
Rodger’s Hides & Supplies
Carrie Shelgren
Soup Can Coonin’
Stanford’s Fur Post
Sterling Fur
Sudden Valley Supply
Trapper Paul’s Supply House
Trappers Post
Volker’s Wire Cubbies and Supplies
Wildlife Control Supplies
Winter Weather Baits
FTA PTA Commemorative Trap
The trap is engraved with Pennsylvania Trappers Assoc. on one jaw and Fur Takers of America on the other.
The pan is gold enlay with the Rendezvous info and United We Stand engraved in the center. The trap comes with its own decorative wood box.
Thursday, June 19
   All vendor buildings will open at 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.; a full list of demos will also be available on Thursday at the show arena.
Friday, June 20
   Vendor buildings and demos from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. From 8-12, there will be a Cable Restraint Class taking place in Hall 4, for anyone wanting to be certified in Pennsylvania. There will be sign ups at the District 3 booth in Hall 1 during the convention and there is a $15.00 charge associated with this class. These classes usually fill up fast, so sign up early.
   Jim and Nancy Mahoney have volunteered to run a Fur Hat Making Class, also on Friday. We will have this class also in Hall 4, from 12-2. If you’re interested in this event, bring a tanned fur with you to the convention, or you may find one for sale at one of the vendors here, to make your own fur hat.
   The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, which is located right next to the fairgrounds, has agreed to run trolleys all day on Friday, and have pickups at the fairgrounds walk-in gate. Guests can ride in a refurbished antique trolley for a trip on the four-mile round trip track with a stop at the museum for a tour. The trips will leave about once an hour from the fairgrounds, for this trip. Riders will ride to the museum and pay for their tickets there. Price is $9.00 for adults. There is a discount for children and seniors. Allow a minimum of 90 minutes for the trip.  See anyone at the District 3 booth for additional information on the trolleys.
   Last event for Friday is the FTA Banquet and Awards, also to be held in Hall 4, at the fairgrounds. A catered dinner of beef and chicken will be served. Dinner tickets are $15 and will be available at the District 3 booth Thursday and Friday. Tickets will be limited, so buy them early.
Saturday, June 21
   Vendor buildings and demos will run from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. There will be a second Cable Restraint Class offered in Hall 4 on Saturday from 8-12. Same information will apply to this class, as Friday’s.
   From 9-11, the Mahoneys have agreed to do their Dutch Oven Cooking Demo. This event is always well received; check in your program at the convention for the site. 
   The PTA’s Mountain Man Race will be held at 9:30. For those unfamiliar with this event, the district directors from the PTA race against one another in a race that changes from year to year. 
   The Pennsylvania Trapper’s Association’s General Membership Meeting will take place at 1:00 p.m., in the silver dome. During the meeting, from 1:00 – 2:00, there will not be a demo at the show arena.
   At 2:45, the FTA’s Trap Setting Contest, followed by the Barefoot Bear Trap Setting and Skillet Throw. At the Barefoot Bear Trap and Skillet Throw, there will be a Calcutta Auction at the start to bid on contestants. You can join in and try to win a share of the prize money for these contests. If you’d like to participate, sign-ups will take place at the FTA booth in Hall 1.
   At 6:00, at the close of the dealer buildings, we would like to invite everyone to attend a Free Pig Roast sponsored jointly by PTA’s District 3, and NAFA’s Wild Fur Shipper’s Council. The Pig Roast will take place at the silver dome, which is the same venue for the FTA’s white elephant auction, at 7:30, following the dinner. We will draw the bear trap raffle winner after dinner, and start the live auction.
Don’t miss out on this event, there will be lots to bid on and everything helps to support the FTA.
   On Sunday, the dealer buildings will be cleaned up, and most everything will be packed away. Dealers will be out of the buildings by 12:00 noon, if there are any left at that point. We do have some plans for kids and women’s events in the works, but I can’t give times and events at this writing. Check your programs when you arrive at the convention so you won’t miss anything. With both organizations’ events, this will be a very busy convention, with a full slate of things to see and do. We welcome you to Pennsylvania, and hope to see you in June!
Thursday, June 19, 2014
8am - KIFE: Release Non-target Animals
9am - Jason Febinger, The Flat Set
10am - Dave Hastings, Bobcat Trapping
11am - Gary Jepson, Coyote Trapping
12pm - Jeff Dunlap, Raccoons with DPs
1pm - Scott Painter, Gray Fox Trapping
2pm - Jerry Schilling, Turtle Trapping
3pm - John Wilkinson, Beaver Trapping
4pm - Barry Warner, Beaver Snaring
5pm - Brian Mountain, Cable Restraints
Friday, June 20, 2014
8am - Charlie Mascheck, State Hopping
9am - Harry Nestell, Raccoon with DPs
10am - Bob Jameson, Trail Sets
11am - Kendall Obermier, Raccoon Trapping
12pm - Mark Zagger, Canine Pipe Dream Set
1pm - Darin Freeborough, Woods Trapping Coyotes
2pm - Dave Rodgers, Canine Trapping
3pm - Brian Stanczyk, Troubleshooting Canines
4pm - Clint Locklear, Bobcat Trapping
5pm - Todd Strohecker, Land Trapping & Working Full Time
Saturday, June 21, 2014
8am - Don Powell, Mink Trapping
9am - Carlis Stephens, Coon Trapping with Daggers
10am - Mark June, Coyote Trapping
11am - Trapperchick, Coyote Trapping
12pm - Tom Florin, Beaver & Trapper Appreciation
1pm - PTA General Meeting
2pm - Robert Waddell, Cats and Coyotes
3pm - Mark Steck, Pipe Trapping
4pm - Jim Geffert, Understanding Lure Usage
5pm - Jack Bartram, Muskrat Trapping
2014 FTA Rendezvous