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Photo Contest Information

Submit your photo for the annual FTA Photo Contest!
Photo Contest Application

Photos will be judged in four categories: End of the Line, Animals, People/Trapping scenes, and Kids. The judges will determine which category a photo will be in if it includes elements of more than one category.

End of the Line photos are typically shots of a season’s collection of furs, and the judging criteria will include composition & artistry, eye-catching display, and technical quality of the photo.

Animals category will be judged on the composition & artistry, attractiveness of the presentation of the animal, and technical quality of the photo. Animal photos must reflect respect for the animal (No bloody, dead critters, please).

People/Trapping Scenes category will be judged on the artistic and compositional inclusion of people engaged in some part of the trapping endeavor, and the technical quality of the photo. (Might also include a trapping scene without people!)

Kids category is self- explanatory, except of course it must have some connection to trapping.
We will also consider a “professional” and an “amateur” division, if there are a significant number of professional submissions.
ALL SUBMISSIONS must have complete contact information clearly attached to all items submitted. A hard copy will be required, as this is the format that will be judged, and a paper print of a digital photo is acceptable. (In other words, the paper quality will not be part of the judging criteria.) Digital photos are actually preferred, but a paper copy must still accompany the submission.

Submissions will be considered for use in the Fur Taker Magazine in the following year, either in the “FTA Family Photo Album” or possibly covers (Depending of course on whether or not they are of printable photo quality, etc.).

Submissions will also be considered for the FTA website and future use in trapping related publications of the FTA. Please understand that any photo may or may not be used, and if used, it could be a very long time.

Every effort to return photos will be taken if the entrant requests it; however, it is best if the photographer keeps an original and does not require return of the submitted photo. If you wish to have the photo returned, please include a self-addressed envelope of the appropriate size for your entry.

Photographers will be acknowledged in the magazine if and when a photo is used, and the winners will be published.
Prizes Sponsored by Wildlife Control Supplies and Proline Lures
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