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The Trapping Chronicles

#1: Who is the FTA?

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Trapping Comes to Television! - For the first time ever, trapping was brought to the homes of Americans by television broadcast.
These small segments called The Trapping Chronicles, appeared on The Outdoor Channel and aired 78 times over a six-month period.

The Trapping Chronicles came to life after FTA contacted Chuck Sykes of the Management Advance Company to produce the first ever television promotion of trapping.

Donations were received from across the country from trappers, associations, FTA members and their affiliates which made these broadcasts possible.

The videos explain the use of trapping as a wildlife management tool, and how trapping helps play a large part in wildlife conservation.

Due to the popularity of Trapping Chronicles Season 1, we opted to continue our series for a second season.

Season 2 contained more information geared toward the general public. Included were Misconceptions About Trapping, Wildlife Management, Research & Design of Traps, Modern Traps, NAFA and the Wild Fur Shipper's Council, Economic Value of Trapping, Continuing Education with Trapper's College and more.

#2: Why is it Important to be a Trapper?

#3: The Many Faces of an FTA Trapper

#4: Fur Taker Magazine

#5: Trapper's College

#6: Trapping Regulations

#7: US Sportsmens Alliance

#8: Urban Predator Control

#9: Trap Safety Around Dogs

#10: Deer & Coyote Conflicts

#11: NAFA and Wild Fur

#12: Association of Fish & Wildlife

#13: Closing Thoughts

Land is the investment that lasts, with an array of uses from family recreation to income. Stewardship is a course of action that takes the land owner or manager from being an overseer to an active conservationist.

In 2001, Wildlife Biologist Chuck Sykes and his wife formulated a television show that would help people gain the knowledge they needed to create their own land and wildlife sanctuary. The Management Advantage is a "first," dedicated to wildlife management and land conservation. 

The show covers such topics as: providing a supplemental feeding program, establishing a dove field, planting and maintaining a food plot, tree stand placement and rotation, and deer and turkey management.

About Management Advantage

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