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FTA Furbearer Trading Cards

Set One includes
• FTA Card
•Long-Tailed Weasel
•Striped Skunk
•Gray Fox
•Red Fox
•River Otter

Set Two includes
FTA Card
•Cottontail Rabbit
•Mountain Lion
•Swift Fox
•Spotted Skunk
•Fox Squirrel
•Gray Wolf
•Gray Squirrel
•Eastern Mole

Trading Card Mix-and-Match Special
Shipping Included

The front of each furbearer card is full color. The back provides facts about the furbearer, including size, color, habitat and more. Each set of 14 cards comes in its own plastic zipper bag.

Quantity Purchases
FTA Chapters, Affiliates and members may purchase quantities (50+) of these card sets for reduced prices. Contact
  cdavis@furtakersofamerica.com for more information.

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Is Mother Nature Humane?
This widely distributed 4-page full size brochure explains how Mother Nature deals with overpopulation, disease and more. Full color makes this a great teaching tool.

1-49 - .35 each + shipping
 50+ - .30 each + shipping

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Trapperman II
$25.00 each

Trapperman Book II
Compiled by members of the Trapperman.com forum with authors including Paul Dobbins, Asa Lenon, John Graham, Jackie Malone, Slim Pederson, Mark June, Dave Pluegar, Steve Craig and more. These books were donated to FTA by Trapperman.com, with all funds generating going to FTA. Free shipping!

Favorite Sets of Top Trappers
These books, put together by Fur Takers of America, contain many different trapping sets. No set is duplicated. Contributing authors include Gary Jepson, Johnny Thorpe, Ron Cauble, Odon Coor, Pete Askins, Kermit Stearns, Ron & Pete Leggett and more.

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$19.00 each - or save money and buy a set. Price includes shipping.

Set One - FTA
Furbearer Trading Cards
(see sidebar)
$1.00 set

Set Two - FTA
Furbearer Trading Cards
(see sidebar)
$1.00 set

Mesh Back Tan Cap, Green Bill, with Beaver
$15.00 each

Select Cap Back

Camo Beaver Cap
Mesh or solid back
$15.00 each

Lightweight Tan Cap, Green Bill, with Beaver
$15.00 each

Camo Raccoon Cap
Mesh or solid back
$15.00 each

Select Cap Back

Mesh Back Green Cap with Coyote
$15.00 each

Mesh Back Tan Cap, Green Bill, with Raccoon
$15.00 each

Lightweight Green Cap with Coyote
$15.00 each

4" Gold FTA Patch
$5.00 each

FTA T-shirts
Black with pocket, gold writing
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